Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No 20 - Snow Flake - Jim Reeves

Gentleman Jim Reeves moved in mysterious ways.
He was a spooky bugger.
In the 1960's Jim Reeves was more popular in South Africa than Elvis. Elvis was too black for the Africaaners.

Jim once released an album that ran at 16 rpm, which is the slowest speed a record can run, playing music at this speed can summon up the devil.

For a gentleman, he could be a finickety bugger.
He would cancel a gig at the drop of a hat if he didn't like the piano at the venue - with Ireland suffering the most.
Daniel O' Donnells 1963 diary notes : 'Reeves the fecker cancelled again, The bastid'.

Some fool might posit that with Reeves last ever recording session featuring the song 'Make The World Go Away' was him asking God to take him home.
One year later, in 1964 he died due plane crash related injuries.
This piece of yuletide whimsy was released in 1966.
Two years after his death.
How is this possible?
As I said, a spooky bugger.

Also, once heard this song can never be forgotten.
So be careful.

This is my last posting for Christmas, I'm turning off my computer until the new year. Thank you for reading, I hope you heard something new. Have a very Merry Christmas, and a most Happy New Year.
Mr. Drayton X.

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