Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No 6 - Santa Claus Is Ska-ing To Town - The Granville Williams Orchestra

1934 sees Haven Gillespie and J. Fred Coots writing Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
According to legend it took about ten minutes to write and their publishers rubbished it - deeming it childish.

Undetered, they offered it to' Eddie 'Banjo Eyes' Cantor, who played it on his radio show. he was bigger than Chris Moyles back in the day.
By the end of the week it had sold 100,000 copies of sheet music and by Xmas, 400,000.

In the Mid 60's the Granville Williams Orchestra, a Jamician hotel band, got Lee Scratch Perry to pep it up.
Santa Claus is Ska-ing to Town was the result. You'd be hard pressed to find a more joyful evocation of pre-xmas jitters and excitment.

This sounds great rattling round a steamy Christmas day kitchen, it fair lifts the spirits.
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