Saturday, December 10, 2011

No 10 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Joseph Spence

There are not enough pipe smoking musicians these days, ditto cigars.

One of the greatest moment in any childs Christmas morning was the unwrapping of the Smokers Outfit.

Usually made flesh in chocolate, though one year I did get a licorice one, which was given back the following year. Now thanks to the bloody PC brigade, Thornton's only do a Junkie Outfit, you know, chocolate stash, syringe, spoon, cotton wool and lighter.
You can however still get a Crack Outfit, but only in the dark side of town.

This song was recommended by The Windup Gramophone, a very talented lad from the 'boro who assures me that you can still buy a Parmo Outfit made of cheese.

You are unlikely to hear this version on the radio ever, which is a crying shame, as it's oddness is a welcome release from the usual saccharin treatment it receives. You could be mistaken for thinking the devil had a hand in it's making.
Well done Dark Lord.

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