Sunday, December 11, 2011

No 11 - Jingle Bell Rock - The Ventures

If Pete Best is the Pete Best of the Beatles, then Skip Moore is the Pete Best of The Ventures.

The biggest selling instrumental group ever (according to some gumph on the internet) got together over second hand cars and a love of re-recording other peoples songs. Their biggest hit, a version of Walk Don't Run, saw Skip waiving his future royalties for a $25 session fee. The pillock.

The Ventures also were one of the first groups to use flanging on a record, as well as a vocoder and one of them invented the Fuzzbox, which he then used.

You can hear all that history in this one great yuletide bounce of a record. Ideal for playing just before you go out for that early drink on Christmas Eve, it'll power you out of the house.

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