Monday, December 19, 2011

No 19 - Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth - David Bowie and Bing Crosby

In terms of thinking about things, who spent the most time thinking about this meeting?

Did Bowie think more about singing with Bing, or did Bing think more about singing with Bowie? Being as Bing is dead, I'd wager that Bowie has, by default, given it more consideration. Were we to take the moments from when it was first suggested to the minute before Bing died, maybe Bing edged it. He was a deep thinker.
And he had met Bowie after all, not everyone got to do that back in the day.

Rumour has it that Bing didn't know who Bowie was. How could he not of known - even Tony Orlando of Dawn knew him. Put Bowie and Tony Orlando in Google to see.

Whatever went through their minds what we have here is a piece of weirdly and beautiful Christmas pop. Bowie wasn't overly happy at the song choice, but they'd preempted this problem by writing a new song to add to the mix, that's the Peace on Earth bit.

This choice is very much of it's time, it's wrapped in innocence, it doesn't feel as though there's a hugh PR machine ready to roll it out.
It just happened.
I can't think of a modern day equivalent.
That's a good thing in my book.

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Anne Kostalas said...

I think they were both on the same diet by the looks of them.