Thursday, December 1, 2011

No 1 - White Christmas - The Patti Smith Group.

Fighting in the punk rock wars year zero meant there was very little room for finer musical feelings as the 1970's bowed out. Carols were for sissys.

This version of the Irving Berlin classic was released as a bootleg 7" single credited to r.e.f.m, which, when I saw it* was a must have. Patti croaks her way through the song, a heart felt, if not a classic, rendition, nicely rounded off with 'Merry Christmas From The Patti Smith Group'.

*I have no recollection where it was, it could've been Woolies in Scunthorpe, one lad who worked there sold under the counter bootlegs along with the MFP and Pickwick albums. I also bought a red vinyl 12" of the Stones Cock Sucker Blues off him for a quid. That was the wonder of Woolies.

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