Friday, December 16, 2011

No 16 - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams

In our house Andy Williams was King. Petula Clarke was Queen and Elton John was the Little Princess. It's fitting that the smoothly cool Andy should provide us with a song, as it's a celebration of the season, full of excitment and hope.
We're talking parents record collection here, and although as a youngster it was my job to kick against them, I could never bring myself to hate Andy Williams.

If you're in any doubt that Andy was cool, how's about this guys and gals? 
He sang at JFK's funeral, he stood up to Nixon's administration in their attempts to deport John Lennon, he played Caesars Palace over 700 times and he invented the Osmonds (alright, maybe pass on that one).

When his first wife was accused of shooting her new husband, Andy stood by her, providing defence funds, and acting as a character witness.

I'm sat in my comfy armchair chair, wearing a nice sweater and having a dry martini, and I'm still nowhere as cool as Andy. No one can be.

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