Thursday, September 29, 2011

Far Beyond My Wildest Dreams.... side one of The Record Player comes to a close, I have to say the last four weeks have been above and beyond. Each night has brought it's own particular brand of magic.

Last week we went wiggy with Ziggy, this week (which I expected to be  empty because of the heat) a fantastic crowd sat and soaked up the melancholy gorgeousness of Bon Iver.

I can't get over the fact that people will come to simply enjoy music. Running the Record Player has allowed me to listen afresh. I used to cycle to work with my ipod on. Now, if I'm going to play music, I take time to sit and listen. I hear it.

I'd like to extend the hand of friendship to all those who bothered to come.  Thanks to the Four Timers - Susan and Ewan. Nuff respec' (see what I did there?) to the cool kids who came tonight - they took the time to come from Washington to listen to a record.  How cool is that? Ice Cold.

And - the lovely folk at Tyneside Cinema, the only place see a film or listen to an album.
Thank you.

Week off next week, I'm off bear baiting with Jackie Charlton.

The Record Player Charts will follow soon, as will the playlist for October/November 2011.
See you on the 13th.

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minibreakfast said...

Sounds brilliant, wish I could have been there Mr. Drayton.