Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Record Player Needs You.

The good people of the Tyneside Cinema have asked if the Record Player would be interested in spinning yet more groovy sounds in the Digital Lounge.

Why, of course it would.

Since its launch, the House Of Record Player has received many suggestions for featured albums – so now, it’s time for you to decide.

Below is the short list. Eight will be chosen.
Put your selection in the comments below or email therecordplayer@yahoo.co.uk.

The Shortlist

Blue - Joni Mitchell
Hounds of Love – Kate Bush
Led Zeppelin 4 – Led Zeppelin
Parallel Lines – Blondie
OK Computer - Radiohead
Kind of Blue – Miles Davis
Moon Safari - Air
For Your Pleasure – Roxy Music
Solid Air – John Martyn
Different Class – Pulp
Innervisions - Stevie Wonder
Abbey Road – The Beatles
Horses – Patti Smith
Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield
Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division
Never Mind The Bollocks… – The Sex Pistols
Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
Seldom Seen Kid – Elbow
Marquee Moon – Television
Queen II - Queen

Closing date 12.00 Friday 16th September.


Barnaby Griffin said...

Unknown Pleasures (One of the best albums EVER)

Different Class, Moon Safari.

Am I allowed to vote considering I won't be able to come along?

Office girl said...

Solid Air, John Martyn. I noticed you've hoyed a few lassies in there!

Fred said...

OK Computer - Radiohead

justgotbigger said...

Solid Air – John Martyn

Bathy said...

Horses - Patti Smith or Hounds of Love -Kate Bush. Can't separate I'm afraid

Yer actual Keith Telly Topping said...

Horses, Seldom Seen Kid, Unknown Pleasures.

edm said...

Queen II for me

giles said...

Alright, I know I'm late.

Blue, Led Zep 4, Abbey Road, Hounds of Love, Pet Sounds, Tubular Bells, Never Mind the Bollocks, For your Pleasure. That's 8.

And not at all cool.

giles said...

And Electric Warrior. AND Hunky Dory. How they didn't make the vinyl finals shocks me.