Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bleeding Heart, Lily of the Valley, Snap Dragon, Rambling Rose...

If you happen to happen by The House of Record Player on a Friday evening, chances are you'll find my good lady and myself enjoying some fine spanish beer and spinning some tunes. One particular family favourite is the album 'Goodbye' by The Czars, and, the one track that is our tune is called 'Little Pink House'. It's a melancholy number, voiced by the estimable John Grant.

I came to The Czars late in the day, after they'd split, and it was always a regret that I'd never seen them, as I was entranced by John Grant. When he returned to the pop scene with the brilliant Queen Of Denmark album, I was overjoyed, because there was a chance that he'd be touring it, and, as it turned out, he came to the Sage in March.

The show was stunning, he was in great voice, very warm, witty and open, so when, towards the end of the show he asked if anyone had any request I bellowed "Little Pink House" drowning out just about everyone else. He played it, and I like to think, a little bit of it was for Mrs. D and myself. I did allow a squeeze of her hand as he sang it.

Fast forward to yesterday, I'm in Brighton, I know, very debonair, and reading Mojo magazine. Mojo magazine is a music mag for the older gentleman. On Page 126 a review of John Grant at the 100 Club, London and these words appear "The last song is Little Pink House, a Czars track that Grant hadn't played since the band split in 2004, until a fan requested it at a gig in March".

Reading that made me very happy, and a friend who was at the gig and had read the review and contacted me about it, so I'm not making it up.

It's little things like that that make me still believe in the power of music, the power to bring us together and make us happy.


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