Tuesday, September 6, 2011

People Are Good

As part of the Record Player Experience, I figured putting out a fanzine might be a nice touch. As a fan of these 'knock 'em out' alternatives to the NME and Melody Maker from the days of the punk rock wars, I set to. I'd never had the where-with-all to do one when I was younger, so now seemed like a good time to reach for that DIY ethic.

I also wanted the whole thing to be more of a shared experience, taking in views that would give the publication variety and insight.

I put the word out to those hipsters who I thought might be interested in contributing, gave them some themes and a deadline. Contributions rolled in. When I sat down to edit the thing, I was struck by the strength and humour in the writing. I had planned to chop articles, but as it turned out, each individual voice was strong.
I could offer no fee, people did it for the love of it, I've had pieces from as far away as Germany and The Borders.

It's just been delivered, and is sitting at home,waiting for me. That's very exciting.

So, anyway, what I wanted to say was thanks to those who contributed -
Mr. Kirkwood, Mr. Walton, Mr. Hedges, Mr. Schumm, Mr. Collier, Mr. Topping, Mr. Moyes and young Master Boughen. Thankyou men, you're great.

'Zine available from the Record Player events at the Tyneside or you can email me

It comes with a free badge that I've had made as well.
You can also buy a set of four limited edition badges I've had made for the first four weeks, each with a lyric from the first four albums.


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