Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bri An' I

When I was 10, Mick and Barbara Wooffitt moved next door. They were flamboyant creatures, Barbara was beautiful, Mick had a guitar. Mick also had a record player.

He had records by The Shadows, The Four Seasons, Great War Movie Themes, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly soundtrack and The Beach Boys Greatest Hits.

I would often go round on the pretence of saying hello, hoping that I might be able to hear these records. Often, when Mick was on shift, Barbara would let me pop round and listen to whatever I wanted. I loved Frankie Valli's falsetto on Big Girls Don't Cry, but the song that captured by imagination was 'I Get Around' by The Beach Boys, especially the line 'The bad guys know us and they leave us alone'.

What did the good guys do that gave them the respect from the bad guys?

Sadly, I never found out their secret, and was often chinned by the bad guys.
Despite this, the Beach Boys gave me eternal hope.

Tonight, thanks to my mate Rob I met the man who, in a small way, gave the 10 year old me, that little bit of hope.

I never ever thought that would happen.

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