Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fragments of a Song

I hadn't listened to the debut album from The Stone Roses in years.
It was one of those rare albums that withstood play after play after play.

There are a handful of albums that I've had to ration my listening to, for fear of wearing out their appeal, this is (the) one.
A great album is like a puzzle. On the first few plays you can hear the magic, it's hooks are fleeting, but gradually those hooks get under your skin.

Every play brings the familiar, whilst slowly revealing tricks and treats which make the whole thing sing.
A real test of the staying power of a great album are the fragments of songs that pop in to your head, unannounced.

Currently I have:
'I'm going to do it and you know you've always had it coming....' snaking around my brain.

The Stone Roses has tons of these fragments.
It's these shards that catch the light, giving it a shimmering beauty.

You can hear it, in full tonight from 7.15.

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giles said...

Wish I could be there. What about "Electric Warrior"?