Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Power Of Love.

It was a very small and select gathering for Moon Safari by Air (French Band) tonight at the Record Player. That's a bit of a shame because you missed not only one of the most chilled nights out anywhere, ever, but also an awesome handmade slideshow by one of the UK's foremost handmade slideshow makers. Me aside, the great beauty and grace of the vinyl was writ large by those gathered there tonight.

It's a very sociable thing is the Record Player. Some folk come along in a group, or with their significant other, many though brave the evening alone. That's a huge compliment, in that we've created a bit of time for ourselves, a safe haven if you might.

As was the case this evening, as one lady came along to share some Gallic space age whimsy.
It was lovely. Floaty even. After the album, we always have a quiz. As I handed out the answer sheets, both Gill and Sam decided they would hop on over to be on Sabrina's team, as she was sat on her lonesome.

Sadly the lasses did really badly in the quiz and had to take the shit album losers prize. Both Gill and Sam selflessly handed over some cruddy vinyl to Sabrina - and then the winning team, who already owned the CD's in the Star Prize category (THREE Air albums on CD) donated them to our plucky loser. Afterwards we all just hung around and chatted on, a new gang, all getting on and having a groove.

That's what it's all about. Making a connection, saying hello, being chilled and being lovely.

I love it.

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