Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vinyl Score - The Singles Club @ Live Theatre Newcastle.

The Magnificent Eight + me.

The Fourth Annual Record Player Singles Club was a splendid evening of great music, tales and good humour.  Sadly we had to see our first two contestants take off to go and do something more interesting, which was a shame, as they're missing from this picture. Take a bow Simon Donald and Steffan Peddie.

The playlist for the night proved to be very popular. That's the beauty of The Singles Club. You could never purposely programme a night and find that diversity. There was a little tinkering from me to ensure we had no clashes, and that each song had it's own space. The reactions to the songs from the audience was a pleasure to behold. There was a lot of love in the room for the contributors and their choices, which for me, is probably the most gratifying thing about Singles Club. This is what we heard:

Steffan Peddie - Roam - B52's - Steff thinks this record is just like him. I agree.
Simon Donald - I Can't Explain - The Who. 'When it's quiet it's a great pop song, when it's loud it's a brilliant rock song'. If the audience choice was just for the tale, Then Simon would've won. 
Melanie Rashbrooke Stay Beautiful - Manic Street Preachers. They covered up the cussing with loud guitars for the single version. I never knew that.
Geoff Bell - Stand and Deliver - Adam and the Ants. Previous champ returns with a very funny tale of becoming an Ant Warrior.
Ray Laidlaw - Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan. Students vs Beatniks and how Dylan bridged the gap.

Billy Mitchell - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles. Billy was the original 'Heartbreak Kid'. That ginger lass missed a trick there. Second most popular tale.
Lee Mattinson - Biology - Girls Aloud. Lee was the sixth member of Girls Aloud. Many of them self harm.
Carole Wears - Sally MacLennane - The Pogues. An embarrassment of riches from Caroles record collection. She wasn't going out dressed like that. Her choice made the audience swing and holler.
David 'Jaff' Craig - Satisfaction - Devo. He'd never heard anything like it until he heard it. 
Michael Chaplin - House of the Rising Sun - The Animals. An absolute tour de force tale of the dangers of having a dansette in the bathroom and a slightly tipsy grandad. 

And the winner, by the slightest of margins, was, Mr. Ray Laidlaw (pictured).

The next singles club will be in the New Year. If you want to be part of it, drop me a line

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