Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tomorrows Sounds Today.


Those are the three albums I would take with me from last year. Of the three I played James Blake the most, especially when I first bought it. There was lots to discover there.

Sadly, most everything else sounded the same.
That's got a lot to do with age, these old fellas ears do get tired of hearing, especially when it all sounds the same, all the time. I work on a radio station and I hear quite a small handful of songs, over and over and over and over...
I've also been past-wards with The Record Player, getting down to swinging sounds of the songs from yesteryear. There's nothing wrong in listening to a brilliant album in a dark room with 30 strangers, now is there?
Spend time with these albums, and the new things have to be really good things.
I think.

I've always enjoyed searching out the new, but it all sounded the same.
Sorry to have to repeat myself.

Here's the rub though, it's January 25th, I have already heard some songs that I quite liked.
So much so in fact, I went off to buy the albums - even though, get this! - one of them isn't out until Monday!!! Crazy.

Here's my review of  First Aid Kit's The Lions Roar.
It's very good so far.

Next week I'll review 2 Bears.
Good Luck!!!


minibreakfast said...

That's funny; The Lion's Roar is the first new album I've bought in MONTHS. I too have been living happily in the past. It's a nice place. So far enjoying First Aid Kit very much though.

Mr Drayton said...

I want to put a link to yr blog on my page, can't work how to do it - can you tell me please? Love yr blog, it's top.