Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello, Hello, it's good to be back!!!

It’s Back!!!

After well-deserved stylus break The Record Player returns to the Tyneside Cinema on Thursday 1st of March with a little known Beatles record entitled Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I’m sure everyone will enjoy it, it’s bound to be a swinger.

It’s an extended season with some new features – two themed nights Blue night with Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis and New York Punk night with Patti Smith and Television.

Later in the season there’s a couple of experiments in the shape of ‘The Singles Club’.
Eight guests will be popping along to try and persuade you that their chosen single is the best. The audience decides who wins the five English pound prize.

After being in retro-limbo last year, I decided to make a real effort in listening to new sounds from today’s hit makers! When possible, I’ve taken my self to a record shop on a Monday to buy the latest grooves. Here’s what I’ve bought and what I think of them.

The Lions Roar – First Aid Kit.

I loved the lead song, the title track, so I was very excited about this. It’s not bad, but does feature quite a few middling tunes. They’re Scandinavian country singers, which just about highlights were it goes awry. There are three stand out tracks, but nothing that has really blown my socks off.

Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose.

Beth Jeans Houghton and the Hooves of Destiny. I’m a big fan of supporting local talent and BJHatHoD are local. Bloody hell it’s hard work. She’s had press darling attention and has great PR, but no matter how post modern and wacky one gets, if there’s nothing under the glitter, we are left with an empty vessel scenario. Alarm bells rang with that title. Not very good. I may go back to reconsider later. Also, Beth shares intials with 1970’s bores Barclay James Harvest, so that’s her career fucked round ours.

It Starts Hear – Peter Broderick.

Only had this a week, so can’t really give it a full prognosis, so far though, it’s lovel. Bloody gorgeous, in fact.

Young Man In America – Anais Mitchell.

I loved Hadestown, her last album, live she’s a treat, so this has much to live up to. It has done the job. Her voice can be mildly irritating, but the ambition in her writing more than makes up for that. She’s coming to Newcastle soon, if I were you I’d get a ticket, sharpish.

Be Strong – The 2 Bears.

The first record I’ve bought in ages that stands up to play after play after play. Part Hot Chip, part another bloke, The 2 Bears bring maximum dance floor up lift with a big sense of humour and most importantly – tunes. Tunes by the yard, barrow load and bucketful. Album of 2012? A major contender. Love it to bits.

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