Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Record Player Goes Forth.

Welcome stranger, pull up a chair and have a brew.

May 2013 sees the Record Player spread it's wings to pastures new.

Along with the regular Thursday nights at the Tyneside Cinema -  the good folk at the Durham Gala have invited me along to spin a choice from some of the more popular Record Player nights so far.

Tuesdays are now the night for the rocking and the listening, we begin with Rumours  by The Fleetwood Mac Five.
As is traditional, all albums are played on vinyl, from start to finish, accompanied with a splendid slide show
There will also be a quiz with some stupendous prizes.

Tickets are only FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS and you can hear yesterdays sounds today along with some general daftness.

We mustn't forget up and coming shows at Live Theatre as well.

There's another special coming up in July in a venue that will not only serve you beer, it will afford you a splendid view.

Do contact me should you have any queries, it's always nice to make new friends.

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