Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little Bit Of Drayton In Your Life.

It's been a busy old time in Record Player World. This weekend sees a big splurge before a well earned rest. Here's a cut out and keep guide to what's happening over Easter.

Firstly I've got two shows on BBC Newcastle (95.4fm) on Good Friday and Easter Monday at 13.00.
Friday sees 'Songs of Faith and Devotion', some songs of praise, followed by Monday's 'Does The Devil Have The Best Tunes?' - some songs about the bad things in life.
They're hour long specials, commissioned by the BBC, which was unexpected.

The Newcastle Evening Chronicle should feature me in my favourite room in Friday's edition. You can see my nick-nacks.


This is the second big event we're putting on. Not exactly a 'sit and listen' night, more a bit of daftness followed by some dancing to the cream of Glam Rock.

There will be some cabaret, some questions, some talking and some stomping.

I'm joined by the wonderful Sheena Revolta on words and decks.

As always my thanks are extended to the good people at Tyneside Cinema, without whom..., also to Live Theatre, G.Scotts Gentleman's Barbers, anyone who has taken a punt to come along to a RP night. Thanks also for the unstinting support from the Record Playerettes, the lovely folk who come and listen - often even when they don't like what they're about to hear! They know who they are. Thankyou.

Next Show: Live Theatre - 8th April - Tom Waits - Closing Time. 7.30. Plus quiz.


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