Monday, April 9, 2012

The Singles Club - Sophie's Choice

Back in the olden days, before colour TVs, sex and computers, people made their own entertainment.

This entertainment often consisted of gathering to eat, drink and listen to records, not unlike these young people (left).

These records were called 'singles' and were first introduced by the RCA Victor label in 1947. The format was simple - two songs, both running around the three minute mark were released and our grandparents would buy these records in record shops.
When rock and roll burst forth, this 45rpm format was perfect for the adrenaline rush of Elvis, Chuck Berry and The Beatles.

Millions of singles have been sold over the years, though with the introduction of the Compact Disc their popularity waned.

The Record Player loves the 7" vinyl format, and so decided to pay tribute to their circular beauty by holding the first ever 'Singles Club' at the Tyneside Cinema on Thursday 12th April 2012. Ten contestants have all chosen a significant single, and they will be playing these to the audience - the audience who then vote for their favourite single of the evening.

The Record Player has decided to join the fray, but oh, what a palaver. After several days the choice has been narrowed down to 12. I now face the awful task of one single single to play to an unsuspecting audience. Which shall it be? There's only one way to find out, by joining a group of music lovers including a comedian, an artist, a TV presenter or two, a theatre maker and, on tape, an electro-pop pioneer.

There can only be one winner, and you can help decide who that person will be.

Tickets are £5, and are limited, show starts at 7.15 in the digital lounge at Tyneside Cinema.

Go here for details. Book early.

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