Saturday, March 24, 2012

Places I Love.

Just a slight swerve, from the music.
Some places in Newcastle that I love.

No 1. Scotts Gentlemen's Hairdressers, The Side, Newcastle.

I've been going here for 25 years. I was first taken here by Steve Lynch, one of the worst drummers I've ever had the pleasure of being in a band with.

It was 1985, and the height of checky-shirt-flat-top-mania. I'd already got a good flatty after getting my hair fettled by the barbers that Madness frequented on Camden High Street. In a new town, I needed a new gentleman barber, and I found one.

There were queues into the street to get your hair cut, especially on a Saturday.  They close at 12.30 on a Saturday morning, but followed the golden rule, if you're over the threshold, you get your haircut. Quite often people would be there a couple of hours later.

Nowadays it's a little quieter, but the crack is just the same. There's Dave, Shaun and Barry. Shaun's the new boy, he's been there a couple of years, his cut is top notch, he takes really good care. Barry is a grumpy young man, he left for a while, but came back in the end. Dave is the boss, he's a little mellower these days. When I first started going there, I thought him to be quite ferocious.
He knows all about me and my family, and I love the fact that he asks after them. That's him there talking. And talking. And talking.

In 25 years I've only had my haircut in three different places. They never got it right. At Scotts they do. It's a great place to spend half an hour, and you always come out looking smart, and it's still less than a tenner to get a haircut. 

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