Monday, November 7, 2011

Folk I Have Met.

Last weekend I was in the same room as a man who wrote over 50 Motown hits. Alright, Cliff Richard was there as well, but let's not quibble. Lamont Dozier was that man, a man whose genius has soundtracked the lives of millions.

I once shook the hand of DJ Fontana, he played the drums on Jailhouse Rock. With Elvis. I never expected that in my life. Suzi Quatro once rang me up and I have offered my flat as a bail address for a Housemartin.

There is an argument that should never meet your heroes, but, sadly when I do, I can't help myself. Fanboy takes over. I once stuck my head through the sun roof of a Ford Granada to tell David Sylvian that I liked his records and there was that time that Peter Hook told me to fuck off.

When I got the chance to meet Brian Wilson, I was both chuffed and cynical. Here's a man whose songs are on the radio everyday. Since the 1960's. But he's bonkers, he's addled by drugs and age. As we queued a little American barked at us 'one autograph, one photograph'. Duly we met the man, a brief blur of signing and a quick snap.
For the few seconds I stood by him, all I could think was; 'bugger me, it's Brian Wilson'. He's a genius.
We were soon turfed out, but the good feeling remained.

So what's the point then? It's the Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys classic at The Record Player on Thursday, and as part of the fun, there's a competition to win the copy of Smile I got Brian to autograph.
Here it is:


Anne Kostalas said...

I once went backstage and met Thin Lizzy at Newcastle City Hall. Phil Lynott spent the whole time telling my friend how good looking she was. I stood next to her like a wet paper bag.

Mr Drayton said...

I can't believe that, though when I went to meet Ian Dury, he spent all night ogling my then girlfriend Sarah. ouldn't blame him mind, she was gorgeous.