Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well that's nice.

There has been a great response to The Record Player from friends and strangers alike.

Why, only yesterday a blind tramp, his clothing hanging in rags, his breath fetid, took hold of my arm and coughed 'Thankyou for bringing back the music Mr. Drayton" into my face.  He then pressed a gold coin into my palm.

I took this gold coin,  I purchased a brand new copy, on vinyl, of 'For Emma, For Ever Ago'. This will be opened on the night. If it scratched, we're buggered. But now, thanks to that shabby, beautiful tramp, we do have all the albums on vinyl.

And in other news, There is one of the four that I have two of, so there'll be one up for a competition prize.

How exciting!

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