Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello and welcome.

A few weeks ago I went and bought myself a replica Dansette record player. In doing so I unleashed lots of records that had been kept in captivity on a shelf.

After some serious old bloke organising, I took an album and played it, from start to finish every night for a week. It was great. For far to long I'd been doing the ipod shuffle, little musical snacks, in place of great big meal. Taking myself off with a different album each night was a treat at the end of the day.

I then thought it would be great to be able to invite everyone round to have a feast, but was thwarted by space restrictions. I asked the good people of the Tyneside if I could have some people round at theirs, and they said it was no problem, they'd even open a bar.

I've chosen the first four albums in this season, I'd be delighted if you suggested something, but beware, I'm a right nazi when it comes to music, so no Jethro Tull or Leona Lewis if you don't mind. Unless you can persuade me otherwise.

I'm also putting a fanzine for the event, should you want to contribute, please do so, keep it short, anything about music, also your thoughts about the featured albums, anything will be considered. If you get a piece in you get a free copy, it'll come with a badge as well, so that's good.

I will be posting more about  the evenings as they draw closer so do drop by again, feel free to post here, or email

Mr. Drayton.


giles said...

A very, very good thing Mr. Drayton. "Space Ritual". I dare you. Giles x

Joy said...

Hi Steve - how about Abbey Road by the Beatles. I am very proud that it was my first ever LP, I spent all my pocket money on it and it has never lost it's magic for me :) Joy

Fred said...

Fantastic idea! I hope I can manage to come.

I'd love to hear Worst Case Scenario by dEUS, but it's a bit of a bugger to find on vinyl, I'll have to find an alternative.