Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sexy Time! Competition. Ooh La la.!!!

Competition competition competition.

To celebrate the spinning of The White Album by The Beatles Four, at The Record Player, Thurs 31st Jan, 2013, 7.15 at Tyneside Cinema. Mr. Drayton invites you to join in.

The cover of the White Album, is just that. White. You can do better. Draw, paint, knit, collage, dance, poem or just fanny about and design a cover for the album.

Please email your cover - by 21.00 Wednesday 30th to Physical entries should be brought along on the night, by 19.00.
All entries will be displayed after the spinning, winner chosen by the audience.


The winner will take away on the night, (unless they live far away, and they'll get it in the post)
the following:

- The Making of the White Album by David Quantick
                 and the STAR PRIZE!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!A Beatles Plate.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not actual size.

Other Business.

There's a whole load of great vinyl goodness coming your way this deep mid wintertide. and we're diving back into the music with a selection chosen by those who know best, the audience, the Record Playerettes.
The new season for the Tyneside Cinema was chosen by committee after a splendid evening of up town top ranking with Bob Marley, and it's a strong line-up  with some real crowd pleasers.
All albums were unanimously chosen by the gang,  and we'll be rolling on until someone tells us to quit - or the audience stops listening. You can find us at the Tyneside Cinema, in the Digital Lounge 7.15 Stylus down, comfy seats, our own bar and a great slide show - followed by a bit of a quiz -  - more of which on the night.
I love writing that, say it quickly and it's rude. We once did a show called 'Hoof Hearted?' My Mum thought it was a stupid name until she said it aloud. She still thought it stupid, but she laughed. I digress. I've been invited by the estimable Live Theatre to help them celebrate their 40th anniversary with five nights of groovy tunes - which again - the audience votes for. 

Live began life in 1973,  a great year for albums, and there's a short list for you to vote from. We're having the top four albums of '73, followed by a Gala presentation of The Singles Club with some of the great and the good who crossed the stage at the venue.


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