Sunday, November 25, 2012

Norman Wisdom, Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, Good Times...

High on Record Player Goodness, two lovely people.

It's been quite a year for The Record Player. From it's first faltering steps with the Tyneside Cinema, it's gently been oozing out across the region. Shows have taken place in the Dome at Spanish City, The Sage (I played a record at the Sage!) and The Baltic, with the recent foray with a different format, again at the splendid Tyneside Cinema  with the Punk Off! The one abiding thing that makes these evenings so worth while is just how sociable they are.

For many years I've worked, then dabbled, then worked in comedy. For me there are two major moments at a comedy gig. Post good gig goodness and post bad gig badness. The feeling of being on stage being just one step ahead of an audience, riding the laughter is sublime. Ditto the feeling being two steps behind and audience, but with added fear and self loathing.

Record Player evenings don't echo these events, what they do bring is that lovely shared experience, that joy in sound. It's one of the most sociable things I've ever done. It sweeps across the generations, all the divides, in fact I'm going to suggest it to the UN to help sort out global unrest, it's that good.
If everyone sat down to an evening of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours on the Gaza Strip there would be no more bother, I can assure you.

Fridays Punk Off was an interesting one - extending the format to 45's, spoken word and general messing about, after a faltering start it really took off, and the beauty of it is that the audience are as integral to the groove of the evening as the muppets are who run the show. It may have been the lateness of the hour, the drink and/or the music, but by 11.00 o'clock we had a room full of love. It was great.
Lady Annabel and an actual Punk Icon, Lady Pauline of Penetrationshire.

None of this would work if we attracted a bunch of cloth eared herberts, or groups of Stags and Hens. People come to listen and enjoy. I am eternally greatful to the RP 'Bromley Contingent'. These hardy souls who come along week in, week out, just for the crack - even if they don't like what's being played ('I have to say that I hated that, it was awful' Bruce Bax on Murder Ballads).
Then we have those who love a particular album, come along not knowing what expect and leave beaming.

Finally, none of this would have been possible without the help and assistance of Tyneside Cinema. They have been impeccable, kind and gracious in their generosity and support of what is basically a bloke playing records. Thankyou good Tyneside Cinema folk, you know who you are. Love.

Next year there will be a few news things to enjoy - in the planning stages - a Glam Slam! enjoying the fab glam sounds 71-75, audience curated album evenings and the Alternative Lindisfarne Gospels.

If you've an album you want to hear, think there's an audience for it, then please leave a comment or email


Anonymous said...

I still feel guilty about the way I behaved at the Nick Cave night. I was very, very drunk! Can't actually remember any specifics of Friday night. I was very, very drunk. Not very good for a man of my advanced years but I find I can't help myself. These events are highly enjoyable.

But I do recall that I and my friends/colleagues had an absolutely superb time. I thank all those responsible for putting this together on my own and on their behalf. And I like the Women In Revolt Single too!

The RP has been such a jewel of a discovery for me and it's been great to bring people to it and spread the word a bit. Listening to music as it was meant to be listened to, on vinyl, is a key part of it. But it's also because it attracts such an interesting set of people and develops a great and growing community of friendships. Sounds soppy but it's true.

Newcastle is a remarkably warm, friendly city and the whole vibe of RP epitomises this. As a Southerner who lived in goddam Canterbury for five years going into the same local over and over without being acknowledged let alone spoken to by any of the regulars it's so refreshing to find such a sense of community here. Lots of people with great taste in culture too. It also allowed me to play my treasured Subway Sect single in public and extol its virtues. Love that song.

Keep it coming Steve and everyone else behind this! Bruce

irregular head said...

I'd SO love to attend one of these nights, Mister Drayton - they sound even more special than I imagined. What about "Easter Everywhere" ('67 LP) by The Thirteenth Floor Elevators? Brilliant, beautiful and neglected, it's the first and last word on soulful psychedelic music - to be listened to in blissful contemplation.

Any news on issue 2 of The Record Player mag?

edm said...

Even though I'm not a great fan of punk I thoroughly enjoyed Friday night. Thanks to both you and the lovely Sheena for putting on a fun and informative night!

One of the great things I love about the record player is the difference of opinions. Not everyone likes the same things and if you get people with opposing opinions it nearly always turns into an interesting discussion. So I say no need to feel embarrassed, Bruce; you should have heard what I had to say about U2 whilst sober!

I think an interesting idea for a singles evening could be cover versions; provides lots of scope and plenty of discussion. Singles night at the movies could also be a good laugh!

As usual my overly long suggestions list is mostly prog and rock and as usual feel free to play or ignore as many or few as you like :p I can provide any of these on vinyl:

Days of Future Passed - Moody Blues
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Hotel California - Eagles
Floodland - Sisters of Mercy
Lola Vs Powerman..., Arthur, or just anything by the Kinks
The Good Son - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield (Can also provide a version with the original, intended ending)
Paranoid - Black Sabbath

I remember you mentioning Night at the Opera a while ago, if you're still thinking about Queen then I'd also recommend The Works and Heaven for Everyone.

And partly because it's now traditional to add it to my recommendation list:

Into the Electric Castle - Ayreon : p

Once again keep up the great work, Mr D!


P.S. These captchas are getting tough, am I still human?

edm said...

P.P.S #draytonthebeeb! said...

Hey Steve, I've got a suggestion for a singles club night called 'lost in translation' featuring songs that are in a language other than English.

I thought it might be interesting for two reasons - music is supposed to transcend language barriers and also to maybe introduce some non native English speakers to talk about their childhood memories of music. Perhaps teaming up with the Tyneside's language club?

There's a lot of scope for interesting song selections like Edith Piaf and 99 Luftballoons :)