Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Second Bi-Annual Singles Club

This Thursday sees two monumental events in the cultural world happen on the same day at the same time and in the same venue, with some of the same people.

Firstly, it's the second Singles Club.
The rules are simple.
Ten 7" Singles, ten stories.
Each spinner has up to two minutes to tell the audience about their chosen song. We then play the single. The audience vote for their favourite and the winner takes home a top prize, of a trophy and Five English Pounds.

Having just completed the slide shows for the respective entries, I can promise a very interesting, funny and eclectic evening of music. Here's the winner of the first singles club, Mr. Jeff Brown with his trophy.

Tickets for the first Singles Club sold out.
The second Singles Club is this Thursday 7th June, Digital Lounge, Tyneside Cinema.
7.30 start. £5.00.
If you're planning on coming, I'd book a ticket:
You ought to, it's good fun.

Secondly, It's the end of Side One of The Record Player. An evening dedicated to listening to a record. Started back in September, rolled long gathering it's own odd momentum. We've had some fab albums, and if you've missed them, more fool you. You can always find time in your day to have a listen rather than a shuffle. It's great.

The good people of the Tyneside Cinema deserve a special mention here, they invited me in, and keep asking me back. They've been very kind, and, with the exception of Ken the projectionist coming in and turning Abbey Road down quite unceremoniously, very polite and lovely.
Thankyou Tyneside, you're great. Tyneside is good for films as well.

The Record Player is making a couple of trips out over the summer.
The Sage and The Americana Festival has invited us over for Saturday 21st July, a special bit of Johnny Cash, and War of the Worlds will be spun at Spanish City on Sunday 12th August. More details to follow.

A final big thanks to the guys and gals who have supported the RP through the good times and bad. They know who they are, they're good enough to come along to albums by bands they hate (F***ing U2?) Thank you folks.
The RP returns on the 21st September 2012

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